Tulsa officer acquitted in man's death returning to force

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A white Oklahoma police officer acquitted in an unarmed black man's shooting death will be back on the force next week, even as jurors who declared her not guilty of manslaughter unanimously agreed she should never return to patrol.

  • Written by JUSTIN JUOZAPAVICIUS , Associated Press

Report: Trump says firing 'nut job' Comey took off pressure

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump told Russian diplomats last week his firing of "nut job" James Comey had eased the pressure on him, even as the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation had moved into the White House, according to reports Friday that pursued the president as he began his maiden foreign trip.

  • Written by ERICA WERNER and EILEEN SULLIVAN , Associated Press

In draft of speech, Trump using softer language about Islam

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will use his first visit to the Middle East to call for unity in the fight against radicalism in the Muslim world, casting the challenge as a "battle between good and evil" and urging Arab leaders to "drive out the terrorists from your places of worship," according to a draft of the speech obtained by The Associated Press.

  • Written by VIVIAN SALAMA and JONATHAN LEMIRE , Associated Press

Freed Nigerian schoolgirls to meet families after 3 years

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — The 82 Nigerian schoolgirls recently released after more than three years in Boko Haram captivity were reuniting with their families for the first time Saturday, officials said.

  • Written by BASHIR ADIGUN , Associated Press

Hawaii-bound passengers noticed unruly man before take-off

HONOLULU (AP) — After landing in Honolulu on a flight from Los Angeles, passengers described a midair disruption involving an unruly man whose attempts to get to the front of the jetliner prompted flight attendants and passengers to subdue him. and fighter jets to escort the plane.

  • Written by JENNIFER SINCO KELLEHER and MICHAEL BALSAMO , Associated Press