Mumbai sets no-selfie zones as deaths linked to selfies rise

MUMBAI, India (AP) — Look around in any major Indian city, and you will find someone with an arm outstretched, mobile phone in hand, smiling widely and clicking away. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has embraced the medium, posting pictures online he's snapped with various world leaders.

  • Written by RISHABH R. JAIN, Associated Press MANISH MEHTA, Associated Press

Lawyer: US citizen, father of detainee, also held in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A U.S. citizen whose son has been detained in Iran for the past four months was also taken into custody after returning to the country this week, his lawyer confirmed Thursday in what is the first such action against an American national in Iran since last month's prisoner swap between the two countries.

  • Written by NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press BRADLEY KLAPPER, Associated Press

UN diplomats: US and China agree on new NKorea sanctions

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United States and China have reached agreement on a U.N. resolution that would impose tougher sanctions on North Korea as punishment for its latest nuclear test and rocket launch, U.N. diplomats said Wednesday.

  • Written by EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press

Judge: NYC can fine chains that don't post salt warnings

NEW YORK (AP) — Large chain restaurants and fast-food eateries in the nation's most populous city can be fined up to $600 beginning next week for not posting salt warnings on menu items that contain more than the recommended daily dose of sodium, a judge ruled Wednesday.

  • Written by JAKE PEARSON, Associated Press