Texas U. admissions can consider race, Supreme Court rules

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a narrow victory for affirmative action, the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a University of Texas program that takes account of race in deciding whom to admit, an important national decision that was cemented by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

  • Written by MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press

Acquittal of officer leaves Baltimore asking: What happened?

BALTIMORE (AP) — With no witnesses or video inside the metal compartment of a police van, it's likely no one will ever know what snapped the neck of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man left handcuffed and shackled but unbelted on his trip to the station.

  • Written by JULIET LINDERMAN, Associated Press

After Orlando, slight cracks in gun-rights' grip on Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) — How has the Orlando shooting slaughter affected the politics of gun control in Congress? A bipartisan House measure barring firearms sales to some suspected terrorists nicely captures the mix of new and familiar forces in play.

  • Written by ALAN FRAM, Associated Press

At least 6 tornado touchdowns confirmed in northern Illinois

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois officials and residents began assessing damage Thursday after eight tornadoes damaged rural communities in the northern part of the state amid powerful storms that swept across the Upper Midwest.