WHY IT MATTERS: America and the world

EDITOR'S NOTE _ One in an AP series examining issues at stake in the presidential election and how they affect people


How should America use its influence in a world where being a superpower doesn't get you what it once did? As instability and human tragedy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have shown, the U.S. alone cannot impose solutions or force the surrender of adversaries like the Islamic State group, which cannot be deterred by the threat of nuclear attack.

  • Written by ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer

Cyborg stingray swims toward light, breaks new ground

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) —€” The idea of taking apart a rat's heart and transforming it into a tissue-engineered stingray first came to Kevin Kit Parker during a trip to the New England Aquarium with his daughter.

  • Written by MATT O'BRIEN, Associated Press

As US housing recovers, low incomes keep Detroit far behind

DETROIT (AP) — Ann and Oscar Mack had fallen behind on property taxes and knew they faced foreclosure on their home of 20 years. But they didn't know their house on Maiden Street, in a blighted east side Detroit neighborhood, was already listed for auction.

  • Written by COREY WILLIAMS, Associated Press

DIVIDED AMERICA: Will Trump energize the Latino vote?

LAS VEGAS (AP) — It's a persistent paradox in American politics: Many Hispanic families have an immense personal stake in what happens on Election Day, but despite population numbers that should mean political power, Hispanics often can't vote, aren't registered to vote, or simply choose to sit out.

  • Written by SERGIO BUSTOS, Associated Press NICHOLAS RICCARDI, Associated Press