'Obamacare' surprise: Strong showing as nearly 9M sign up


WASHINGTON (AP) — In a remarkably strong show of consumer demand, nearly 9 million people signed up for "Obamacare" next year, as government numbers out Thursday proved predictions of its collapse wrong yet again.


  • Written by By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR , Associated Press

Poll: Most say sex misconduct victims are underprotected

WASHINGTON (AP) — Most Americans say sexual misconduct is a major problem and that too little is being done to protect victims, according to a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. But some — particularly Republican men — are concerned about the rights of the accused.

  • Written by By LAURIE KELLMAN and EMILY SWANSON , Associated Press

Senate says $1.5 million paid over 20 years for 'harassment'


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate quietly released a bare-bones report late Thursday on what a statement called "harassment settlement" data, showing that nearly $1.5 million in taxpayers' money has been spent over the past two decades to cover claims against lawmakers and other Senate offices.

  • Written by By KEVIN FREKING , Associated Press

Russian hackers hunted journalists in years-long campaign

PARIS (AP) — Russian television anchor Pavel Lobkov was in the studio getting ready for his show when jarring news flashed across his phone: Some of his most intimate messages had just been published to the web.


  • Written by By RAPHAEL SATTER, JEFF DONN and NATALIYA VASILYEVA , Associated Press

Children's insurance program receives only patchwork funding


WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress again failed to approve long-term funds for a popular program that provides health insurance for nearly 9 million low-income children, leaving each party blaming the other for Christmas-season gridlock and states scrambling to decide how to parcel out dwindling money.

  • Written by By ALAN FRAM , Associated Press