North Korea fires missile which lands in sea off Japan


PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea launched a ballistic missile Friday night which flew longer than any of its previous missiles and landed in the ocean off Japan, according to officials from Japan, South Korea and the United States.

  • Written by By ERIC TALMADGE and MARI YAMAGUCHI , Associated Press

Foxconn deals requires Wisconsin to act soon on tax breaks

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Rust Belt state that built a manufacturing legacy through assembly-line jobs will have to quickly transition to a more highly skilled workforce now that Foxconn has selected Wisconsin as the site of its coveted U.S. electronics plant.

  • Written by By IVAN MORENO and SCOTT BAUER , Associated Press

GOP dealt stiff blow in Senate's bid to repeal 'Obamacare'


WASHINGTON (AP) — Dealing a serious blow to President Donald Trump's agenda, the Senate early Friday rejected a measure to repeal parts of former President Barack Obama's health care law after a night of high suspense in the U.S. Capitol.

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  • Written by By ERICA WERNER and ALAN FRAM , Associated Press

GOP blame-game begins after Senate sinks health care drive


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican finger-pointing commenced after the Senate's dark-of-night defeat of the GOP's flagship effort to repeal much of the Obama health care law in a startling vote that dealt a blistering blow to President Donald Trump.

  • Written by By ERICA WERNER and ALAN FRAM , Associated Press