Dispatcher: 'Gunshots closer, multiple people screaming'

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Police dispatchers heard repeated gunfire, screaming and moaning from patrons of the Pulse nightclub who called to report that gunman Omar Mateen was opening fire inside the club, according to written logs released Tuesday.

  • Written by MIKE SCHNEIDER, Associated Press

EU to Britain: No access to single market without migration

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union leaders spelled out stark conditions for a new relationship with a departing Britain on Wednesday, warning that if British business wants to keep access to Europe's single market, the country must accept European workers, too.

  • Written by ANGELA CHARLTON, Associated Press LORNE COOK, Associated Press

Clock ticking, but tweaks in play for N. Carolina LGBT law

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The window is small and the legislative strategy tricky, but GOP leaders say there's still a chance to change the North Carolina law that sparked a clash over transgender rights on the national stage.

  • Written by GARY D. ROBERTSON, Associated Press

Records: City lawyers weak link in police accountability

CHICAGO (AP) — When a federal judge concluded that a lawyer employed by the city of Chicago concealed audio evidence in a civil trial, the court issued a sharp rebuke, saying the recordings showed police lied about the events that led officers to shoot and kill a black motorist.

  • Written by MICHAEL TARM, Associated Press