Saudi Arabia: 201 detained in sweep over $100B in corruption


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday it has detained 201 people as part of a sweeping probe, estimating that at least $100 billion has been misused through embezzlement and corruption in past decades.

  • Written by By ABDULLAH AL-SHIHRI and AYA BATRAWY , Associated Press

Boy with rare disease gets brand new skin with gene therapy

LONDON (AP) — Doctors treating a critically ill boy with a devastating skin disease used experimental gene therapy to create an entirely new skin for most of his body in a desperate attempt to save his life.

GeneTherapySkin 1

  • Written by By MARIA CHENG , AP Medical Writer

Collusion question remains after first Mueller indictments

WASHINGTON (AP) — For months, commentators and officials describing special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia have used words such as "collusion" and "coordination" to summarize the complicated federal probe.

Russia manafort

  • Written by By JAKE PEARSON, Associated Press

Documents: Top political donors used offshore tax loopholes

Some of the nation's biggest political donors, including some who spent $60 million supporting Republican Donald Trump last year, are among those who took advantage of offshore tax loopholes, according to leaked corporate documents made public Tuesday.

  • Written by By THOMAS BEAUMONT , Associated Press