Apartment building collapses in Italy; some may be trapped


MILAN (AP) — A five-story apartment building partially collapsed early Friday along a railway line near the southern Italian city of Naples, and authorities were digging by hand to find anyone trapped.

Italy Collapse

  • Written by By COLLEEN BARRY , Associated Press

10 killed in blitz car bomb attack in Egypt's Sinai


EL-ARISH, Egypt (AP) — Islamic militants unleashed a suicide car bomb and heavy gunfire on an Egyptian military checkpoint in northeastern Sinai Peninsula on Friday, leaving 10 security troops including a special forces colonel dead and wounding at least 20, authorities said.

  • Written by By ASHRAF SWEILAM , Associated Press

Expectations low, NYC commuters brace for a 'summer of hell'


NEW YORK (AP) — A massive two-month repair project will launch Monday at the country's busiest train station, temporarily exacerbating the daily commuting struggle during what New York's governor has predicted will be a "summer of hell."

NYC commute

  • Written by By DAVID PORTER , Associated Press

Trump administration backs Texas voter ID law in court


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Trump administration says Texas has scrubbed its voter ID law of any potential discrimination and wants a judge who once compared the measure to a "poll tax" on minorities and the poor to resist further action.

  • Written by By PAUL J. WEBER , Associated Press