'Hot, wet and wild' 2016 weather as US has warmest June

WASHINGTON (AP) — America's warm, wild and costly weather broke another record with the hottest June, federal meteorologists say. And if that's not enough, they calculated that 2016 is flirting with the U.S. record for most billion-dollar weather disasters.

  • Written by SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer

VA puts latest estimate of veteran suicides at 20 per day

WASHINGTON (AP) — On average, 20 veterans a day committed suicide in 2014, a slight decrease from the previous government estimate, but federal health officials are cautious about concluding the suicide problem is getting better.

  • Written by KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press

Man fatally shot by police in Minnesota; video investigated

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota officer fatally shot a man in a car with a woman and a child, an official said, and authorities are looking into whether the aftermath was livestreamed in a widely shared Facebook video, which shows a woman in a vehicle with a man whose shirt appears to be soaked in blood telling the camera "police just shot my boyfriend for no apparent reason."

  • Written by STEVE KARNOWSKI, Associated Press