Schools find campaign talk conflicts with no-bullies message


BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Ryan Lysek rose to become vice president of his fifth-grade class at Lorraine Academy in Buffalo, New York, after the sitting veep got bounced for saying things that went against the school's anti-bullying rules. So the 10-year-old is a little puzzled that candidates running to lead the entire country can get away with name-calling and foul language.

  • Written by CAROLYN THOMPSON, Associated Press

Cholera quietly still kills dozens a month in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A dozen people reclined on cots inside the clinic in the Haitian capital, a few so sick they were receiving intravenous infusions to rehydrate their bodies and spare them an agonizing death.

  • Written by DAVID McFADDEN, Associated Press

Michigan restricted Flint from switching water in loan deal

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The state of Michigan restricted Flint from switching water sources last April unless it got approval from Gov. Rick Snyder's administration under the terms of a $7 million loan needed to help the city emerge from state management, according to a document released Wednesday.

  • Written by DAVID EGGERT, Associated Press

First oil flows from Alaska reserve set aside in '23

NUIQSUT, Alaska (AP) — Rising from the edgeless, wind-scoured, snow-covered tundra on Alaska's North Slope lies a million-pound drilling rig pulling the first commercial oil from a reserve set aside nearly a century ago.

  • Written by MARK THIESSEN, Associated Press