Give peace a chance: Colombia extends ceasefire with rebels

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — President Juan Manuel Santos announced on Thursday that he is extending a ceasefire with Colombia's largest rebel movement in a bid to give more time to efforts to save a peace deal rejected by voters.

  • Written by CESAR GARCIA, Associated Press

China's last Tiananmen prisoner set to be freed, but frail

BEIJING (AP) — China's last-known prisoner held in relation to the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests will reportedly be released Saturday, but he'll face freedom a frail and mentally ill man, a rights group and a fellow former inmate said.

  • Written by ISOLDA MORILLO, Associated Press

Disability rights group sues Uber over wheelchair access

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago disability rights group sued Uber Thursday over wheelchair accessibility, arguing that the mobile ride-hailing company's adherence to federal disability laws "ranges from token to non-existent" despite its expanding role in the nation's transportation system.

  • Written by MICHAEL TARM, Associated Press