AP FACT CHECK: An abracadabra tale from Trump on China

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has presented two arguments about why he's letting China off the hook from his campaign promise to label it a currency manipulator, an action that would have set the stage for a possible trade war if he had done it.

  • Written by JOSH BOAK and CALVIN WOODWARD , Associated Press

Islamic State attack on displaced in Syria kills nearly 40

BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State militants staged a surprise attack early Tuesday at a crossing frequently used by Iraqi and Syrian civilians seeking safety in northeastern Syria, killing at least 37 people, mostly civilians, Kurdish officials and activists said.

  • Written by ZEINA KARAM , Associated Press

Czech prime minister announces government resignation

PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech prime minister unexpectedly announced on Tuesday that his government will resign over unexplained business dealings of his rival Andrej Babis, the country's finance minister.

  • Written by KAREL JANICEK , Associated Press