Low-income, minority students lag in high school grad rates

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite rising national graduation rates, low-income and minority students continue to lag behind their peers in finishing high school, according to a study released Wednesday.


  • Written by MARIA DANILOVA , Associated Press

Trump's remarks often set off White House 'scramble drill'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington policymakers have a time-tested method for rolling out new ideas: float a trial balloon. Spread rumors of a policy change or selectively leak it to the press, then see how it plays and proceed only if it looks doable.

  • Written by NANCY BENAC , Associated Press

A way forward on health care bill? Key GOP rep has $8B plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top House Republicans scrambling to prevent another collapse of their push to repeal much of the Obama health care law may have found a way to win over some moderate GOP holdouts.

  • Written by ALAN FRAM , Associated Press

Family begins healing, focus turns to ex-officer's sentence

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Relatives of Walter Scott differ on how much time a white former officer should spend in federal prison for gunning down the black motorist, with one brother suggesting Michael Slager should go away for life.

  • Written by MEG KINNARD and JEFFREY COLLINS , Associated Press

Family want officer who shot black teen charged with crime

BALCH SPRINGS, Texas (AP) — Police in suburban Dallas fired the officer who shot and killed a black 15-year-old boy riding in a vehicle leaving a party, and family members of the teenager said they want criminal charges filed against the officer.

  • Written by CLAUDIA LAUER and NOMAAN MERCHANT , Associated Press