Tiger countries agree to preserve big-cat habitats

NEW DELHI (AP) — Countries with wild tiger populations have agreed to do more to protect tiger habitats that are shrinking drastically because of deforestation and urban sprawl, conservationists said Friday.

  • Written by KATY DAIGLE, Associated Press

Heartbreak as Syrians briefly return home to IS-free Palmyra

PALMYRA, Syria (AP) — When Islamic State fighters overran the ancient Syrian town of Palmyra almost a year ago, Maha Abderrazak was among tens of thousands of terrified civilians who fled west, many escaping with just the clothes on their backs and the few belongings they could carry by hand.

  • Written by ZEINA KARAM, Associated Press

Chicago weighs cost, complexity of proposed police changes

CHICAGO (AP) — A day after a task force blasted the Chicago Police Department for decades of discrimination, law enforcement officials weighed which of the panel's recommendations could be adopted and how much they might add to Chicago's already heavy financial burdens.

  • Written by DON BABWIN, Associated Press JASON KEYSER, Associated Press