Climate, other programs get deep cuts in EPA budget proposal

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration would slash programs aimed at slowing climate change and improving water safety and air quality, while eliminating thousands of jobs, according to a draft of the Environmental Protection Agency budget proposal obtained by The Associated Press.

  • Written by JOHN FLESHER, MATTHEW DALY and CATHERINE LUCEY, Associated Press

Desperate herders lose animals, hope amid drought in Kenya

BANDARERO, Kenya (AP) — Loko Kalicha Junno says she trekked for a week to save her 10 cattle from dying of thirst and hunger. But none survived. Now, at one of the last watering holes in this remote village, she fears for herself.

  • Written by TOM ODULA, Associated Press

UN: If confirmed, chemical attacks in Mosul a war crime

IRBIL, Iraq (AP) — The United Nations warned that the alleged use of chemical weapons in Mosul, if confirmed, would be a war crime and a serious violation of international humanitarian law, according to a statement released Saturday.