Reporters' spy saga gives glimpse of UK surveillance culture

DARLINGTON, England (AP) — British journalist Julia Breen's scoop about racism at her local police force didn't just get her on the front page, it got her put under surveillance.

  • Written by RAPHAEL SATTER , AP Cybersecurity Writer

Trump urges Senate to change rules, push through court pick

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump urged Majority leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday to change the rules of the Senate if necessary to swiftly push through his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. Trump's words immediately escalated what's shaping up as a feverish partisan battle over the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

  • Written by ERICA WERNER and MARK SHERMAN , Associated Press

GOP suspends Senate rule, muscles Trump picks through panel

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the latest intensification of partisan hostilities, Republicans rammed President Donald Trump's picks to be Treasury and health secretaries through a Senate committee on Wednesday with no Democrats present after unilaterally suspending panel rules that would have otherwise prevented the vote.

  • Written by RICHARD LARDNER and ALAN FRAM , Associated Press