College behind bars: An old idea with some new energy

MONROE, Wash. (AP) — Eight years ago, when Noel Caldellis began serving time for killing a university student, his main objective was to make 20-plus years in prison pass as quickly as possible: work out, walk circles in the yard with inmates and watch TV.

  • Written by DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP, Associated Press

Google self-driving car strikes bus on California street

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A self-driving car being tested by Google struck a public bus on a Silicon Valley street, a fender-bender that appears to be the first time one of the tech company's vehicles caused a crash during testing.

  • Written by JUSTIN PRITCHARD, Associated Press

Ice age: Adirondack climber knows ice cold, wrote book on it

KEENE, N.Y. (AP) — Don Mellor has been scaling Adirondack ice for 38 winters and he's still wary. Climbers can slip on the glistening walls. Ice can crack and give way. Mistakes can be costly.

  • Written by MICHAEL HILL, Associated Press

Justice Thomas poses questions, stuns Supreme Court crowd


WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Clarence Thomas broke 10 years of silence and provoked audible gasps at the Supreme Court on Monday when he posed questions from the bench during an oral argument.

  • Written by SAM HANANEL, Associated Press