In eastern Mosul, civilians clamor for food, cigarettes

MOSUL, Iraq (AP) — Explosions and gunfire rattled parts of eastern Mosul and Islamic State militants fired mortars from apartment windows Tuesday as Iraqi special forces waged fierce urban combat in the country's second-largest city.

  • Written by QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press MSTYSLAV CHERNOV, Associated Press

Rights group urges troops for Burundi to prevent genocide

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A global human rights umbrella organization is urging Africa, Europe and the United Nations to send a civilian protection force to Burundi to prevent a possible civil war and genocide.

  • Written by EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press

Trial or deal? Some driven to plead guilty, later exonerated

Three days into his carjacking trial in 2005, James Ochoa faced a daunting choice: Risk spending the rest of his life in prison if convicted by a California jury or plead guilty and be released in two years.

  • Written by ALANNA DURKIN RICHER, Associated Press CURT ANDERSON, Associated Press

Army Corps wants more study on Dakota Access oil pipeline

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — The Army Corps of Engineers on Monday said it has finished a review of the disputed Dakota Access pipeline but wants more study and tribal input before deciding whether to allow it to cross under a Missouri River reservoir in North Dakota.

  • Written by JAMES MacPHERSON, Associated Press BLAKE NICHOLSON, Associated Press

ICC prosecutors: US forces may have committed war crimes

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — U.S. armed forces and the CIA may have committed war crimes by torturing detainees in Afghanistan, the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor said in a report, raising the possibility that American citizens could be indicted even though Washington has not joined the global court.

  • Written by MIKE CORDER, Associated Press