EPA chief sweeps office for bugs, installs high-tech locks


WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Environmental Protection Agency used public money to have his office swept for hidden listening devices and bought sophisticated biometric locks for additional security.


  • Written by By MICHAEL BIESECKER, Associated Press

GOP set to roll $1.5T final tax bill through House, Senate


WASHINGTON (AP) — Their long-sought political goal within grasp, Republicans in Congress are set to catapult sweeping $1.5 trillion tax legislation through the House, rolling over a dozen GOP defectors from high-tax states.

  • Written by By MARCY GORDON , AP Business Writer

AP FACT CHECK: Trump sells short the record of predecessors

WASHINGTON (AP) — In laying out his national security strategy, President Donald Trump sold short the records of his predecessors, speaking as if the energy boom started with him and the gates of America were wide open before he came along.

  • Written by By CALVIN WOODWARD , Associated Press