Racism to peace prize: Woodrow Wilson's legacy on display

PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) — Kristen Coke and Jameil Brown enrolled at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University not knowing much about the school's namesake aside from his oft-touted positive accomplishments, from the changes he made as the university's president to elevate the school's stature to his progressive record during his two terms as a U.S. president.

  • Written by ERRIN HAINES WHACK, Associated Press

New push to keep seniors in home, community-based programs

CHICAGO (AP) — The federal government is pushing states to keep more low-income seniors out of nursing homes and, instead, enroll them in home and community-based programs.

  • Written by ALEJANDRA CANCINO, For The Associated Press

A symbolic start: 3 passenger flights to leave Brussels

BRUSSELS (AP) — In what officials acknowledge is a symbolic gesture, three passenger flights will be taking off from Brussels Airport on Sunday after a 12-day shutdown caused by a deadly bombing attack.

  • Written by BISHR EL TOUNI, Associated Press