UN experts: 100,000 starve while South Sudan buys weapons

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — U.N. experts say in a new report that South Sudan's government is spending at least half its budget on security and weapons while 100,000 people are dying of starvation as a result of famine caused mainly by an upsurge in government military operations.



AP FACT CHECK: Who needs a wall? Trump says border is strong

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says the border with Mexico is already "getting extremely strong" and would-be illegal crossers are giving up because they think, "we can't get in." All without the wall he promises to build, or any reported boost in deportations, or any surge in patrol agents. 

  • Written by ALICIA A. CALDWELL and CALVIN WOODWARD , Associated Press

Many Trump voters would feel program cuts in budget proposal

WASHINGTON (AP) — The closure of a regional airport could force residents of a small town in upper Michigan to drive eight hours to catch a flight. The elimination of funding to keep the Great Lakes clean could hurt business at a waterside Ohio boating club. Cuts to the nation's flood insurance program could mean greater losses after a storm for homeowners on Florida's Gulf Coast.

  • Written by JONATHAN LEMIRE and JOSH BOAK , Associated Press

Documents detail Flynn payments from Russian interests

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former national security adviser Michael Flynn was paid more than $67,000 by Russian companies before the presidential election, according to documents released by a Democratic congressman.

  • Written by STEPHEN BRAUN and CHAD DAY , Associated Press