Ghosts of Vietnam stirring as Trump preps for Asia trip


NEW YORK (AP) — For more than 50 years, every American president has been forced to grapple, in one way or another, with the quagmire of the Vietnam War. Now it's Donald Trump's turn.

  • Written by JONATHAN LEMIRE, Associated Press

Trump's refugee ban ends, new screening rules coming


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's four-month worldwide ban on refugees ended Tuesday, officials said, as his administration prepared to unveil tougher new screening procedures.

  • Written by JOSH LEDERMAN, Associated Press

Lawyers seek to question neo-Nazi website publisher's family


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Lawyers suing a neo-Nazi website's publisher asked a federal judge Monday for court-ordered permission to question the man's relatives about his whereabouts.

  • Written by MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press

Senate advances $36.5 billion disaster relief package


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate on Monday gave a preliminary OK to a $36.5 billion hurricane relief package that would provide Puerto Rico with a much-needed infusion of cash and keep the federal flood insurance program from running out of money to pay claims.

  • Written by ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press