CAN THEY DO THAT? Great wall of Trump faces great hurdles

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump promises to build a great wall along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it, but it will be a difficult pledge to fulfill.

Can he do it?

  • Written by MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press ALICIA A. CALDWELL, Associated Press

Police shootings of blacks influence crime fiction genre

NEW YORK (AP) — In "Underground Airlines," an upcoming novel by Ben Winters, a black bounty hunter rides through a poor neighborhood in Indianapolis alongside a white policeman.

  • Written by BY HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer

Spokesman: Fire kills 6 people in Atlanta boarding house

ATLANTA (AP) — A fierce fire roared through a boarding house in Atlanta early Monday, collapsing the house in on itself and killing six people, authorities said.

  • Written by JEFF MARTIN, Associated Press DAVID GOLDMAN, Associated Press