Trump's lewd remarks concern campuses fighting sex assault

NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) — At Connecticut College, as at a growing number of campuses nationwide, students are encouraged to speak up if they hear remarks celebrating or condoning sexual aggression against women. In one training scenario, male students ask a peer if he really means it when he boasts of such conduct.

  • Written by MICHAEL MELIA, Associated Press DAVID CRARY, Associated Press

New challenges in Syria as militants weaponized drones

WASHINGTON (AP) — Militant groups like Hezbollah and the Islamic State group have learned how to weaponize surveillance drones and use them against each other, adding a new twist to Syria's civil war, a U.S. military official and others say.

  • Written by VIVIAN SALAMA, Associated Press

Visa overstays get short shrift in border security debate

SAN DIEGO (AP) — More than 20 years had elapsed since the U.S. government estimated how many people entered the country legally and overstayed their visas. The updated numbers, finally published in January, were sobering.

  • Written by ELLIOT SPAGAT, Associated Press