Poll: Young adults support new efforts to curb gun violence

CHICAGO (AP) — LaShun Roy supports a ban on semi-automatic weapons and more comprehensive background checks. But the 21-year-old gun owner from rural Texas doesn't consider gun-control measures a top priority in this year's elections.

  • Written by TAMMY WEBBER, Associated Press EMILY SWANSON, Associated Press

Japan calls on leaders to follow Obama and visit Hiroshima

TOKYO (AP) — Japan marked the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Saturday by renewing calls for a nuclear weapons free world and urging leaders to follow the example of President Barack Obama and visit the bomb sites.

  • Written by MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press

13 dead, 6 injured as fire hits bar in French city

PARIS (AP) — A fast-moving fire that appeared to be accidental swept through a birthday party in a basement bar in the northwest French city of Rouen, killing at least 13 people and injuring six others, authorities said Saturday.

  • Written by ELAINE GANLEY, Associated Press SAMUEL PETREQUIN, Associated Press

Amazon unveils cargo plane as it expands delivery network

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle-based Amazon is unveiling its first branded cargo plane, one of 40 jetliners that will make up the e-commerce giant's own air transportation network as it takes more control of its delivery process.

  • Written by PHUONG LE, Associated Press

Video shows Chicago police firing at car as it drives away

CHICAGO (AP) — Video released Friday shows Chicago police firing repeatedly at a stolen car as it careens down the street away from them, then handcuffing the mortally wounded black 18-year-old who was at the wheel after a chaotic foot chase through a residential neighborhood.

  • Written by DON BABWIN, Associated Press