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Wetlands plan boosts hopes for troubled Ohio lake

Wetlands plan boosts hopes for troubled Ohio lake

ST. MARYS, Ohio (AP) — Manmade wetlands could help ease manmade problems in an important western Ohio lake.

The sprawling Grand Lake St. Marys was hit by a toxic algae bloom two years ago that damaged tourism while highlighting problems caused by phosphorous runoff from farms.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that lake-restoration supporters say they are dedicated to improvements that give them long-term hope.

A planned system of wetlands around the lake should help soak up phosphorous. The first in place is a nine-acre complex that pumps water through two treatment ponds to filter it before it feeds the lake.

Milt Miller is a restoration leader who says building wetlands will help make up for the natural system that was covered over by development.

Farmers also will follow new manure-management plans to reduce runoff.

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