‘French kid’ saved by American intervention

Virtuous American servicemen and women draw no distinction between race, religion or nationality fighting back against genocide and oppression, and Dan Verin owes his life to that courage.


Former serviceman happens across old garb on recent trip

Charlie Kerns expected to see plenty of military history during a recent trip to the Veterans Memorial Museum of Branson, Missouri, but he didn’t expect to see to see any of his own history on display there.

  • Written by NATE SMITH

Pupils salute veterans with breakfasts, heartfelt thanks

Pupils around Logan County hosted Veterans Day observances at their schools today to recognize the service and dedication of area veterans, offering hearty breakfasts, ceremonies filled with patriotic tunes and uplifting words and offering their heartfelt thanks and handshakes to their local heroes.

  • Written by MANDY LOEHR