GOOD MORNING! GOOD NEWS! Plane provides gift of friendship

Pam Reed is grateful for the kindness of a former stranger.

This summer, her 31⁄2-year-old granddaughter, Paisley, who lives with her, took notice of an ultralight plane as it flew fairly regularly in the area of their rural Huntsville residence.

When Paisley would hear the plane, she would run into their back yard and animatedly wave at it, her grandmother said.

Soon, the plane took notice and began “waving” back, dipping its wings at the excited girl.

The family — which also includes Mrs. Reed’s husband and her son, who is Paisley’s father — enjoyed the interaction.

The exchanges have grown into a friendship as Dave Fenwick, the pilot of the red ultralight trimmed in black stopped at their home one day to introduce himself. They have exchanged phone numbers and he has texted Mrs. Reed an aerial photo of their property. Fenwick also has dropped a couple small toys from the plane into their yard for Paisley, along with some information about himself and the CGS Hawk Sport single seat plane he pilots.

He shared that he has similarly befriended a young boy in the Anna area. He thanked Paisley for waving. 

Mrs. Reed is appreciative of his kindness.

“It’s just so cute to see how excited my granddaughter gets,” she said about hearing the familiar sounds of the plane.