School zone safety reminders issued

School zone speed limit sign

School has been back is session for several weeks, and officers of the Washington Township Police Department actively patrol the school zones in an effort to make the area safer for all motorists traveling through the area. 

With buses, students and faculty all commuting to Indian Lakes Schools in a short time frame, traffic gets congested very quickly, Washington Township Police Chief Rick Core related. 

“The school zones are clearly marked and flashing 20 mph school zone signs are activated during the restricted speed limit time period,” he said. “I am asking motorists to please slow down to the restricted 20 mph limit and be prepared for the additional time it will take to travel through the school zone area.”

There have been numerous warnings given allowing motorists the opportunity to get acclimated to school being back in session. Monday, officers issued speed citations to three motorists who were traveling through the Indian Lake school zone.