Handled with care

ILHS grad has made name for himself in Nashville

even stevens 2

Even Stevens seems to have a handle on things — even his name.

His fellow Coast Guard members referred to him as “Even” for his identification or “handle” as a Morse code operator, and when the Indian Lake High School graduate started writing songs in Nashville, he continued to use the handle.

It’s served the Indian Lake High School graduate well.

So well, that 13 of the songs he has written over the years have been awarded the Broadcast Music Inc. Millionaire or Multi-Millionaire status in recognition of airing on the radio at least a million times. 

It would take 189 years for them to play all those collective times nonstop.

Those songs — including When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman, I Love a Rainy Night, Drivin’ My Life Away, Step by Step and Love Will Turn you Around — are on the playlist for Saturday’s sixth annual Nashville Hitmakers show at ILHS where Stevens is joined by seven other writers singing their hits.

But the prolific award-winning songwriter doesn’t just have a handle on the neck of his guitar he calls Lucky on which he writes all his songs.

stevens guitar

He also has picked up a paint brush and has a show coming up in Nashville featuring his oil painting of fishing bobbers doing human things.

“It’s fun to think of things for the bobbers to do,” he said of the situations he has them painted in, as he shared a photo of his painting of bobbers completing the swimming portion of a triathlon.

“I’m really excited about this one.”


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