Sissy’s leash-slashing savior sought



Michelle Smith’s dog has been found, but she’s still missing one piece of the puzzle: Who was involved in the pet’s return?

Sissy, an energetic 10-year-old indoor beagle-cocker spaniel mix who likes to run, was hooked up outside July 25 with a chain and cable and 15-foot training-type leash.

Smith and her fiancé, Steve Wilson, who deliver the Bellefontaine Examiner, later heard barking from their other dog, Stella, and discovered Sissy was gone and the 15-foot leash was with her.

“She has gotten loose before, but not with the leash and she’s always come back,” Smith said.

They began looking in the neighbor’s 35-acre woods adjacent to their east Township Road 219 residence. They looked hours and their search was thwarted by acres of corn that surround the woods.

The search continued the rest of the week and they were on the lookout for her as they delivered papers through Belle Center and Huntsville and surrounding areas.

“The neighbors were looking, too,” Smith said. “Pretty much, though, we gave up.” They figured the dragging leash had become entangled, trapping the dog.

But Wednesday morning — a little more than two weeks after Sissy’s escape —  Smith heard barking as she got up and was looking out the enclosed porch for the outdoor cats. Upon turning on the lights, she discovered Sissy was standing in the porch doorway.

She still was dragging the leash, but it was less than two feet long and it was obvious it had been intentionally cut with something sharp.

“Neither one of us could believe it,” Smith said about Sissy’s return.

Sissy seemed none too worse for the wear, but had lost some extra pounds she had been carrying. She was very tired and seemed eager to return to her indoor sleeping spot.

“She was very, very tired,” said Smith, who remains curious about how Sissy was helped.

“I would like to be able to thank them,” Smith said of whoever cut the leash.

She hopes the Good Samaritan(s) will call her at (937) 404-8031.

In the meantime, Smith is staying outside with Sissy and not using her leash when she hooks her up outside.