Six carnival workers charged by grand jury

Six amusement company workers, who attacked two men at a city residence, have been charged in indictments handed up Tuesday by a Logan County grand jury.













George H. Hawkins, 40, of Urbana; Eric C. Rockey, 38, of Dayton; Andrew L. Trinko, 29, of Toledo; Charles R. Hale, 36, of Rittman; Scott E. Rollins II, 26, at large; and Kody A.M. Kerns, 22, at large, each was charged with aggravated burglary, a first-degree felony; two counts of misdemeanor assault; and one count of misdemeanor criminal damaging;

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department reported the group forced their way into 1036 Heritage Court around 1 a.m. July 12 and assaulted Eric Smith and Josh Dickinson.

Both victims required treatment at Mary Rutan Hospital.

The defendants were in town working the Logan County Fair.



• Prosecutors also received indictments for Keith Irick, 17, of Bellefontaine, charging him as a delinquent with two counts each of trafficking in drugs, possession of a controlled substance, which would be fifth-degree felonies if charged as adult, and misdemeanor counts of criminal damaging and resisting arrest.

The indictment is part of the process used to obtain a serious youthful offender sentence in juvenile court. Such a sentence imposes juvenile sanctions with the threat of adult sanctions should the defendant violate the juvenile sentence.

Other indictments named:

  • Adair L. Robinson, 30, of Bellefontaine: possession of cocaine and trafficking in cocaine, fourth-degree felonies; and illegal manufacture of drugs, a second-degree felony;
  • Gary A. Doseck, 52, of 500 Gunntown Road, Apt. C1: three counts of trafficking cocaine, fifth-degree felonies;
  • Alika S. Thomas, 30, 155 Miami Ave.: complicity, trafficking in cocaine and aggravated possession of drugs, fifth-degree felonies; and possession of heroin, a fourth-degree felony;
  • Jonathan M.L. Fishbach-White, 19, of Dayton: unlawfuld sexual conduct with a minor, a fourth-degree felony;
  • Scott J. Lucius, 50, 10231 Seminole Shore Drive, Huntsville: endangering children, a third-degree felony;
  • Emily J. Moore, 38, at large: theft from a person in a protected class, a fifth-degree felony;
  • Anthony L.D. Gannaway, 31, of Dayton: theft, a fifth-degree felony;
  • Brandon L. Rush, 21, of Dayton: theft, a fifth-degree felony;
  • Lacey B. Grow, 34, of 614 Garfield Ave.: aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony;
  • Betty Jo Dolan, 22, of 501 Gunntown Road, Lot 92: inducing panic, a fourth-degree felony;
  • Dylan R. Kossel, 23, of Jackson Center: burglary and attempted felonious assault, third-degree felonies; two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence; and misdemeanor criminal damaging;
  • Roger O. Nunez-Godoy, 34, of Dayton: possession of cocaine, a fifth-degree felony;
  • Gerson A. Paredes-Melgar, 23, at large: possession of cocaine, a fifth-degree felony;
  • Jordan D. Butler, 28, of 816 Heritage Court, Apt. 4: rape, a first-degree felony; and gross sexual imposition, a third-degree felony;
  • Jayme R.L. Howerton, 18, of Jackson Center: aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony; operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, a misdemeanor; and illegal use of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor;
  • Nathaniel J. Howard, 27, of 300 E. Lake Ave.: felonious assault, a second-degree felony; misdemeanor domestic violence; and two counts of misdemeanor criminal damaging;
  • David C. Smith, 29, of East Liverpool: trespass into a habitation, a fourth-degree felony;
  • Brandon L. Miller, 23, of 1000 Garfield Ave., Lot 73: complicity, a fourth-degree felony;
  • Ella M. Horne, 39, 868 E Sandusky Ave., Apt. 116: inducing panic, a fourth-degree felony;
  • William R. Todak, 24, of 1600 S. Detroit St. Apt. 18: trespassing into a habitation, a fourth-degree felony; and misdemeanor domestic violence.