2nd drug-buying suspect has ties to 80-year-old driver

Detectives of the Logan County Joint Task Force arrested a Lakeview woman Thursday, April 13, who has ties to an 80-year-old driver arrested by the task force this week. 

Megan M. Gross, 26, of 10829 Main St., Lakeview, was arrested about 11 a.m. in Midway for possession of heroin/fentanyl and possession of methamphetamine. She was lodged in the Logan County Jail. 

Task force members reportedly observed her getting out of Lakeview resident Jerome Newland’s vehicle in the Midway area near her residence. She admitted to going to Dayton that day to buy drugs, and authorities recovered a baggie of fentanyl and a baggie of methampetamine on her person. 



Logan County Sheriff Randall Dodds said authorities were aware that Mr. Newland, 80, of 15298 State Route 235, Lakeview, was providing rides to other individuals to buy drugs, and so detectives wanted to wait to release information about Ms. Gross’ arrest. 

During a traffic stop in the city about 11 a.m. Tuesday, Mr. Newland was arrested in the 500 block of east Sandusky Avenue , as reported in Wednesday’s Examiner. 

His passenger, Ella M. Horne, 39, of Bellefontaine, reportedly had also been receiving rides from Mr. Newland to buy and sell heroin. Her brother reported he does not live at 868 E. Sandusky Ave. apartment, an address reported in Wednesday’s item. 

Ms. Horne is facing two counts of trafficking heroin.