Inmate walks off job site



Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office report an inmate of the Logan County Jail is facing a possible escape charge after he reportedly walked off a job site in the city Tuesday afternoon and was located within the hour.

Jakob C. Yule, 20, of 113 Powers St., Bellefontaine, reportedly was working with other inmates Tuesday at the Logan County Solid Waste Management District, 1100 S. Detroit St., where inmates can earn privileges to work on a daily basis through a contract with the SWMD. The work is supervised by a deputy on duty. 

He reportedly asked the deputy for permission to use the restroom about 2:30 p.m., and after he did not return several minutes later, a search began for the defendant. 

The inmate was located a short time later in the parking lot of Logan County Department of Job and Family Services, 211 E. Columbus Ave. Mr. Yule reportedly was emotional and told deputies he had left the job site in an attempt to “see my baby be born.”

He told deputies he changed into other pants in the restroom and left the Solid Waste Management District, and stopped at the Valero gas station, 1020 S. Detroit St., to make a phone call and he also stopped at his father’s residence. 

Mr. Yule was sentenced in late January to 60 days in the Logan County Jail for burglary and theft.