Woman sentenced for plotting murder



A woman who attempted to arrange the murder of a man who fathered one of her four children was sentenced to community control and a rehabilitation program but could face up to six years if she fails to live up to the terms of her probation.

Amy Corwin, 26, of West Liberty, appeared Tuesday in Logan County Common Pleas Court to face sentencing on a first-degree felony count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

She  was indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, a first-degree felony, and intimidation of a witness, a third-degree felony.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff's Office began investigating her July 31 after receiving a report that she approached the father of two of her children to kill Daniel Castle, the father of her third child born Feb. 7, 2013. She was in the midst of a custody dispute with the intended victim.

Judge Mark S. O’Connor said it is rare that a first-degree felony case does not get a prison sentence but made findings that because of her lack of prior criminal history and the recommendation of the Logan County’s Prosecutor’s Office the sentence was justified.

“The standards set for someone convicted of a first-degree felony are very high and can only find (for community control) if the state agrees,” he said. “Because they do, the court finds the sentence to West Central and five years community control will not demean the seriousness of the crime.”

The West Central Community Correctional Facility is a four- to six-month rehabilitation program in Marysville. If Ms. Corwin is unsuccessful there or if she violates the terms of her probation, Judge O’Connor stated a six-year prison sentence would be imposed.

Ms. Corwin apologized for her actions and said she plans to dedicate her life to her family and religion upon her release from West Central.

“I’m truly sorry for all the troubles, embarrassment and shame this has caused,” she said. “This is not the person God made me to be.”

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