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Nearly $1 million in marijuana collected

Annual helicopter fly-overs completed Thursday and Friday by agents from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation in conjunction with deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office netted nearly $1 million worth of marijuana being grown in Logan County.

The 940 plants recovered from eight private properties are being processed and will be analyzed before charges are filed.

Approximately 60 marijuana
plants dry Tuesday after being
collected from eight properties
by deputies of the Logan County
Sheriff’s Office as part of flyovers
conducted annually
throughout the county. (Examiner | K.Cook)

Each plant is worth an estimated $1,000.

“This is a good year,” Detective Phil Bailey said. “Sometimes we get less. Sometimes we get more, but this is a pretty good year.”
With one property alone having nearly 250 plants, deputies believe it is unlikely to all be for personal use.

However, it can be difficult to determine if any plants were being grown to be trafficked or sold to friends, Det. Bailey explained.
“Obviously it’s out there (in the community) because there’s over 900 plants, and we didn’t get the whole county,” he said. “We probably got about half the county covered in two days of flying.”

BCI&I conducts the fly-overs, with one agent trained to spot the plants telling deputies where they need to go.

“He can find one plant. It’s amazing, and it doesn’t have to be tall,” Det. Bailey said. “He directed (Chief Deputy Randy Dodds and deputies) to a plant that was about (a foot) tall, in the woods, and he’s doing it by bare eye.”

He said growers usually try to hide the plants in areas such as cornfields, trees and brush, where it is difficult for deputies to reach.

Once the investigation into the cultivation efforts is completed, the case will be forwarded to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office for determination of charges.

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