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Decision on Jacob, Ellis coming this week from judge

Teens will learn if the cases will be bound over to the adult courts





Two teens who attacked correction officers and escaped from the Logan County Juvenile Detention Center on March 6 will know within the week whether or not they will face charges as adults.

Logan County Family Court Judge Michael Brady said he will rule if he will keep jurisdiction or transfer the cases against Danny Ellis, 15, and Caleb Jacobs, 18, to the Logan County Common Pleas Court.

Monday, the judge heard testimony from forensic psychiatrist John L. Tilly Jr. who believes both teens would best be served in the juvenile system and it would be his recommendation the court maintain jurisdiction of the cases.

In Ohio, juveniles 14 years old and older can be tried as adults for serious crimes if a juvenile court judge finds the suspects are not likely to respond to juvenile court sanctions.

Both Danny and Caleb are charged with felonious assault on a peace officer, a first-degree felony; assault, a fifth-degree felony; and escape, a third-degree felony.

Danny also faces charges of theft of a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree felony; and theft, a first-degree misdemeanor, for stealing a car from the Indian Lake area and for taking items from another vehicle nearby.

Both teens have extensive criminal histories and Caleb has served time in juvenile facilities in Florida.

Dr. Tilly based his recommendations on his interviews with the suspects and on a variety of tests that consider the boys’ mental health, maturity and intelligence.

He believes both — due to family situations and substance abuse issues — have problems making the right decisions.

Both could use intensive cognitive behavioral therapy treatment in a secured facility — a treatment option, the doctor said, that is not readily available in the adult prison system.

Judge Brady will consider Dr. Tilly’s report and testimony, the severity of attack and escape and the teens’ past records.

Danny has not been in a state youth facility, but Caleb has, a factor that could weigh against further juvenile incarceration.

Chief Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart pointed out Caleb has had opportunities to change his ways, but his actions continue to get worse.

Judge Brady also heard from Corrections Officer Tim Klingelhofer. The deputy reported he suffers from “excruciating” headaches.

Dep. Klingelhofer retold how he believes he blacked out as Danny choked him from behind and that the attack had a psychological impact on him.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive,” he said.

The teens are accused of pummeling Deputy Tim Klingelhofer and struggling with Corrections Officer Cpl. Shelly Wisner inside the JDC before their escape.

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