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Child therapist: Diffusing a bully key to prevention

West Liberty-Salem students and parents now should be better equipped to handle a bully following a series of presentations offered Monday by an award-winning child therapist.


Child therapist Jim Bisenius explains his bully-proof methods in a presentation Monday to parents of West Liberty-Salem students in grades K-12. (EXAMINER PHOTO | NATE SMITH)

Jim Bisenius shared his program Bully-proofing youth with WL-Salem K-12 students at school Monday and again later in the evening with many of their parents and guardians in the middle/high school cafeteria.

“I’ve worked with over 200 kids and there’s not one who still gets bullied if they follow these steps,” Mr. Bisenius said, adding that much of the secret lies in body language and tone of voice.

“That’s 90 percent of it right there,” he said. “I’ve counseled a lot of bullies and they all tell me the same thing, that they pick on kids who give them the greatest fear reaction.

“We have to take that fear and change it into confidence and when a kid radiates confidence they ruin the game for the bully.”

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