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Automotive press likes initial review of 2013 Accord

Initial reviews of the Honda’s ninth-generation Accord are coming in positive from the automotive press.


Initial ride impressions from the automotive press have been good for the ninth-generation Honda Accord which is primarily produced at the Marysville Auto Plant. The 2013 model is shown in its EX guise with a V-6 engine. (PHOTO | HONDA)

The first impressions were published Monday ahead of Sept. 19, when the sedan models go on sale. The coupe will be available in showrooms on Oct. 15.

Pricing for the 2013 models, which are primarily made at Honda’s Marysville Auto Plant, will start at slightly more than $22,000 for the base sedan up to more than $34,000 for a fully loaded Touring model.

The coupe starts at a little more than $24,000 and tops out around $33,000 for the fully loaded EX-Navi model with V-6 engine.

Honda hopes to sell around 350,000 Accords annually in the United States.

Overall, the automotive press was pleased with interior and styling refinements in the new Accord. They also liked the constant variable transmission, noting that driving enthusiasts still will prefer the manual transmission with the four-cylinder direct injection engine.

Below are some comments from the press:

• “It’s comfortable; it drives well; it’s easy to get yourself, your kids, and your stuff into and out of; it can get out of its own way; and it still gets good gas mileage. Honda’s sold more than 11 million Accords since 1976 and thinks it knows what an Accord buyer wants. We think it’s right.” — Motor Trend

• “The new, ninth-generation Accord is a convincing reminder of the company’s core values and — considering all Honda has been through, including an earthquake that smashed its Tochigi R&D center and floods in Thailand that crimped production — a triumphant return to form.”  — Car and Driver

• “A key trait that’s made the Accord a winner over the years is its agility. Compared to most other cars in this size/price class, especially sedans, Accords have always ranked at or near the top in terms of athletic response, and the latest generation builds on that tradition.” — Road & Track

• “While Toyota was cautious in its Camry redesign last year, Honda has changed nearly everything with the Accord. It has a new direct-injection engine family, a new continuously variable transmission, a front suspension design change and a new crash structure.”  — Automotive News

• “The four-cylinder Honda Accord, despite its copycat styling, suffers from very little in the way of drawbacks. In fact, it’s good enough for us to say it has squeaked past the Toyota Camry and regained its spot at the top of the class.” — Automobile

• “We also spent a good amount of time with the four-cylinder and CVT combination and were pleasantly surprised. When driving, normally there are well-placed steps programmed into the CVT to simulate gear changes. The transmission is quick to change ratios for merging and passing, and it won’t drive you insane with rubber band-like operation. ... the Accord lineup is stacked and more than ready to take on all the new competition emerging for the 2013 model year.” — Autoweek

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