Man jailed for assaulting grandson



A Lakeview man was jailed Saturday on two charges following an incident involving his grandchildren.

Mark J. Fleming, 57, of 11158 Pocahontas Path, was charged with breaking and entering and domestic violence after he allegedly kicked open the door to a residence at 11304 Pocahontas Path, Lakeview, and assaulted his 14-year-old grandson.

Deputies responded about 9:02 p.m. Saturday to that address after receiving a call from an eight-year-old boy claiming his grandfather was terrorizing he and his brother.

The boy told deputies he fled the residence and was hiding in a wooded area in fear of his grandfather.

Deputies responded and located the boys who reported that they had been swimming when when their grandfather arrived on a golf cart to pick them up.

The boys stated they entered their residence to change clothes when the suspect began yelling at them from the outside, eventually kicking open the front door and assaulting the oldest boy.

The suspect appeared intoxicated, the boys told deputies, who also reportedly noted damage to the front door frame and blood on the 14-year-old’s face and clothing.

The teen said his nose was injured in the attack, adding that he did punch his grandfather in self-defense before fleeing to the wooded area to look for his younger brother.

Neighbors reportedly witnessed the altercation and could hear yelling coming from the residence.

Deputies initially were unable to locate the defendant. He later contacted the sheriff’s office and turned himself in, and was lodged in the Logan County Jail.