Solution to loud music dispute results in arrest

Newland Jerome


Jerome D. Newland, 77, owner of Geronimo’s Campground, 15650 N. State Route 235, Belle Center, was arrested Saturday night for inducing panic and using a weapon while intoxicated following an incident at the campgrounds.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded about 10:30 p.m. to the campground on a report of a large fight and a person firing a gun.

When deputies arrived, Mr. Newland told them there was no fight, only a lot of yelling over a loud music complaint. He reportedly admitted to firing a weapon.

Mr. Newland also reportedly told deputies he had drank three alcoholic beverages, after they observed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath as well as other signs of intoxication.

Campground residents said there was a dispute over loud music and that Mr. Newland and the campground manager warned them to turn down their music down by 11 p.m. When the move did not satisfy some of the other campers, the dispute intensified and the suspect fired a gun into the air.

He was lodged in the Logan County Jail.