BCS text alert sent in error Wednesday, quickly corrected

Bellefontaine City Schools officials reported this morning that a text alert inadvertently was sent in error Wednesday to a number of Bellefontaine Intermediate School parents through the district’s School Cast alert system. 

Superintendent Brad Hall said text message alerts can be sent by the school to parents of children who are absent. 

Wednesday, the school was attempting to inform parents of five students about absences that day. However, a new staff member inadvertently sent this message concerning student absences to about 900 different phone numbers that are registered in the system. 

Immediately thereafter, the school’s phone lines became inundated with calls from concerned parents who knew their children were at school. Mr. Hall said a second text message correcting the error was sent out as quickly as possible to parents. 

“We sent out a text message correcting the original message as quickly as we could, but it had to wait about five to seven minutes because our phone lines were so jammed,” the superintendent said. 

“We sincerely apologize to parents for the fear that the incorrect message must have caused. This is not acceptable, and we are taking the steps to make sure that this does not happen again.”

School Cast also allows the district to send alerts about school cancellations, delays, and other important news. Parents can sign up at https://www.myschoolcast.com.