CITY COUNCIL: Tax superintendent: Raise schedule is unfair

Bellefontaine supervisors and department heads would receive between two to seven percent increases under a proposed wage ordinance before the City Council.

But at least one, Tax Superintendent Beth Christian, believes she has been short changed in the deal.

“I appreciated the two percent increase, but I am one of two who got just the two percent,” she told the Finance Committee. “I feel the comparisons that were used were unfair to me.

“I took it very personal. I’m as deserving as anybody for a raise.

“With my retirement coming, the more I can get now, the more I can get for life.”

Mayor Adam Brannon explained that based on the comparable salaries he was able to obtain from similar communities in Ohio, Ms. Christian’s current salary of more than $51,000 is above the $49,938 average.

Most other city supervisors are earning less than the average, the mayor noted. Wastewater Superintendent Dave Elliot is earning more than $10,000 less a year, so his increase — seven percent — is the greatest in the package.

Fire Chief Andy Fissel, Police Chief Brandon Standley and Lt. Rick Herring will get five-percent raises.

Service-Safety Director James Holycross, who is in line for a five percent pay raise, said Administrative Secretary Heather Feasel handles the majority of human resource functions for the city.

It may be appropriate, Mr. Holycross said, to adjust her two-percent raise upward so that her salary is more comparable to similar positions in other cities.



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