Commissioners detail Russells Point CDBG grant


Logan County Commissioners, from left, Tony Core, John Bayliss, and Dustin Wickersham.

Editor's Note: The following is a media release issued by the Board of Logan County Commissioners about the $300,000 Community Development Block Grant recently awarded to the Village of Russells Point for drainage improvements. Information about the grant was reported previously in Tuesday's edition of the Examiner.

The Board of Logan County Commissioners recently applied for competitive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds through the Ohio Development Services Agency for the recently developed “Critical Infrastructure” program. Logan County was successful in their attempt to secure $300,000 in grant funds to assist the Village of Russells Point in making much needed improvements to its storm drainage facilities, which will greatly benefit the entire village.

Russells Point currently experiences drainage problems multiple times per year. These problems include surface ponding and infiltration and inflow (I&I) into the sanitary sewer system.

There are many areas of the Village with no storm sewers. In areas with storm sewers, many of the sewers are not sized adequately to convey runoff from even small, frequent storm events. Much of the storm drainage system also suffers from blocked inlets and pipes, and suspected pipe failures. Also, much of the resulting ponded storm water finds its way into the sanitary sewer system by inflowing into manholes or infiltrating through leaks in the sanitary sewer pipes and manholes, increasing flows and treatment costs at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Due to the lack of storm sewers, many sump pumps in residential and commercial areas are hooked into the sanitary sewers, further compounding this I&I problem.

To help identify and develop solutions for the storm sewer improvements, the Logan County Commissioners utilized $10,000 from the 2013 CDBG grant allocation along with $10,000 from the Water Pollution Control District to complete an engineering study to estimate the current runoff rates in the Village, and determine what storm sewer improvements are necessary to reduce the drainage problems.

The results showed that an additional 24 to 27 inch storm sewer should be constructed to capture the flow from the 18 inch storm sewer. This new sewer would collect other runoff that is currently flowing into the existing 24 inch sewer. The total length of the new storm sewer is about 2,120 feet. This sewer would be adequate to convey the flow for a 5-year frequency storm.

As part of this project, the Village will also undertake cleaning and video inspection of the existing storm sewers, which have a total length of about 6,000 feet. The Village Council is contributing $30,000 as part of the total project. Rehabilitation work will also be included on sections of the existing storm sewer pipes that are identified as having deficiencies during the cleaning and inspection work. In total, over $415,000 will be spent within the next year to improve the storm sewer infrastructure within the Village of Russells Point, which will help direct water runoff in storm events and eliminate I&I into the sanitary sewer.

The State received seventy-five (75) requests for FY 2014 set-aside programs, which includes Neighborhood Revitalization, Downtown Revitalization and Critical Infrastructure projects, with only thirty-four (34) grants being funded. To qualify, projects are graded by the State of Ohio and the community must meet income qualifications for use of CDBG funds.


Board of Logan County Commissioners

John Bayliss

Tony Core

Mr. Dustin Wickersham