Full-time public information specialist, athletic trainer to serve Indian Lake school district

IndianLake Lakers

Funding for both positions from outside sources

Indian Lake school board members on Monday in a regular meeting introduced their new public information specialist to the district in a position made possible by the educational service center.

Jamie Ross will work out of the Indian Lake middle school in a public information/relations capacity, according to information presented to the board.

She will work not only to help pass the district's levy request, but also in other ways to help share information about Indian Lake Schools. Her job is funded nearly entirely by the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center, and she will be paid $40,000.  

Initially, Mrs. Ross will work pretty much exclusively for Indian Lake, but as an ESC employee, she could end up working with other districts as well, board members learned.

The board also learned Monday the district will have at its disposal this school year a full-time athletic trainer made possible by the sports medicine department at Wilson Memorial Hospital.

Woody Goffinett will be available at all home events, and will travel with the football team to away games. He'll also travel with teams for tournament contests, athletic director Jeff Courter said.

Wilson Memorial Hospital has a program that places athletic trainers in regional schools, and Mr. Goffinett is among the finest, Mr. Courter said.

The hospital has also supplied the district with a piece of equipment that will measure cognitive functions in most athletes, so that in the event of a head injury, there will be some point of comparison for subsequent brain tests.

There's no cost to the school, except for an advertisement in sports programs and two banners on the football field, Mr. Courter said, adding that it's been a priority of his since he started to make an athletic trainer available to the district.

Speaking for the Indian Lake Athletic Boosters, Mr. Courter said upcoming donations from the boosters will be spent towards a hall of records near the front entrance to the gymnasium that would recognize school records in major sports.

Currently, the athletic department is attempting to verify as many records as it can, in preparation of setting up the new hall of records perhaps in time for graduation.

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