Washington Twp. police log felony arrests

Washington Township Police logged two felony arrests Friday evening, the first involving a domestic dispute that sent one woman to the hospital.





Police summoned to Mary Rutan Hospital around 4:30 p.m. Friday to investigate a domestic violence report after a 45-year-old female arrived in the emergency room for a head injury. There, she told police that she hit her head on something after Michael J. Sabo, 49, of 8127 State Route 366, Russells Point, pushed her to the ground as she attempted to move belongings from the home she shared with him.

Sabo reportedly refused to call 911 for her and kept her from making the call.

Police located Sabo at the residence and charged him with domestic violence. During a search of his person, packets of a schedule 3 drug were found in his pocket and a charge of felony possession of the substance was added. He was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

• Persistent disorderly conduct and assault charges were lodged against April Shutte, 33, of 4753 County Road 29, West Liberty, after police responded to the home of Tim Fedele, 9028 Park St., Orchard Island, Lakeview, to investigate a fight report at about 10 p.m.

Police said the woman was visibly intoxicated and uncooperative during the investigation. Upon a search at the Logan County Jail, jailers found marijuana on her person and a charge of felony conveyance of an illegal drug into the facility was added to previous charges.