Mary Rutan Foundation awards $50k in scholarships

The Mary Rutan Foundation recently awarded $50,714 in medical scholarships and loans to local area college students. This amount brings the overall total to more than $1.2 million awarded to Logan County residents pursuing degrees in the medical field.


Photos of the scholarship recipients appear on Page 3 of Saturday's Examiner

“Mary Rutan Foundation is committed to the health and wellness of this community,” says Foundation Chief Operating Officer, Tammy Allison in a press release. “In addition to the numerous community health and wellness programs and services funded by the Foundation annually, we believe it is important to maintain our medical scholarship program. We understand the importance of investing in the future of individuals pursuing careers in the medical field.”

The 2014-15 Mary Rutan Foundation Scholarship and Loan Recipients include:

The Beach Medical Education — Nancy Hardin, bachelor’s degree registered nurse.

Ewing H. Crawfis Memorial Employee — Kendra Fledderjohann, bachelor’s degree registered nurse.

• Zelma Nina Hertenstein Memorial Nursing — Rachel Rutan, bachelor’s degree registered nurse.

• Reba Clark and Vincent S. Hill Family Memorial Medical — Donna Owen, doctorate of nursing.

• Dr. Joseph C. and Florence C. Longfellow Memorial — Hali Brewer, Emily Elizondo, Hayley Goodrich, Jessica Miller and Kelly Miller, bachelor’s degrees registered nurse; Kacey Adams, Ashton Faler and Brennon Lump, doctorates of pharmacy; Kirsten Brunner, bachelor’s degree healthcare management and associate degree occupational therapy assistant; Megan Bingaman, bachelor’s degree clinical dietetics; Tonya Haley doctorate of physical therapy.

Roy G. Metz and Miriam A. Metz Nursing — Brooke Richard, associate degree registered nurse.

Charlotte L. and Norman R. Miller Memorial Medical — Keith Harvey, Sadie Oyer and Leanne Reichert, bachelor’s degrees registered nurse; Kristine Kidder, master’s degree nurse educator; Heather Comer, bachelor’s degree of science medical laboratory; Rebecca Graham, doctorate of occupational therapy; Jacob Hulbert, bachelor of science biomedical engineering; Haley Tron associate degree of radiology.

James F. Milroy Fund— Sarah Schindewolf, bachelor’s degree dietetics.

Grace K. Orr/Dr. Edwin Pratt Memorial Medical — Dustin Bowers and Leah Crusey, bachelor’s degrees registered nurse.

Marjorie Rothhar Memorial Medical — Cherish Lauderback, bachelor’s degree registered nurse.

Rita Riedmiller Memorial —Morgan Hunsicker and Mary Jo Vetorino, bachelor’s degrees registered nurse.

Walter and Janet Sack Medical Memorial — Carley Strzalka, doctorate of pharmacy.

Mary Rutan Foundation General — Nancy Hardin, Cherish Lauderback, Rachel Rutan, Brooke Terrill and Cole Upton, bachelor’s degrees registered nurse; Samantha Stephens, associate degree registered nurse; Brennon Lump, Whitney Rader, Carley Strzalka, doctorates of pharmacy; Megan McCurley doctorate of physical therapy; Jordan Robinaugh, master of science in health sciences-physician assistant; Kindra Sheeley, associate degree radiology; Sarah Schindewolf bachelor’s degree dietetics; Haley Tron, associate degree radiology; Rahul Prasad and Larrilyn Yelton, medical doctor.

Mary Rutan Foundation Medical Student Loan — Rahul Prasad and Larrilyn Yelton, medical doctor.

These scholarships are made possible through Mary Rutan Foundation general and named scholarship funds as well as the generous support of memorial donations, bequeaths and individual contributions to the Mary Rutan Foundation.

For further information about the scholarship program or how you may make a financial contribution, please contact the Mary Rutan Foundation at 599-7003.