Child endangering charges issued to couple


Patricia A. McIntire, 25, and her live-in boyfriend, Jessie P. McCombs, 57, of 8822 Pike Ave., Midway, Lakeview, each were issued a summons for child endangering Wednesday.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to their address about 2:55 p.m. in reference to an EMS call regarding an unresponsive woman. EMS workers determined that the woman was OK medically.

However, while at the residence, deputies observed filthy living conditions, including an odor of animal urine and feces. Inside the home, they reported that there was animal feces on the floor, dirty dishes, trashes strewn about and filthy floors and furniture.

Five dogs and several cats and chickens were observed roaming about the property.

Ms. McIntire’s 6-year-old boy lives at the home, and Logan County Children’s Services representatives were contacted. The boy was removed from the residence and placed in the care of a relative. Children’s services employees are working with the couple to improve living conditions.