Honda visit reaffirms Portman’s commitment to worker training

Work force development continues to hinder manufacturing growth throughout Ohio, Sen. Rob Portman said, and he saw more evidence of the problem during a Tuesday visit to Honda’s East Liberty Auto Plant.


Sen. Rob Portman, R-Terrace Park, right, discusses manufacturing operations Tuesday with Tim Myers, plant manager at Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.’s East Liberty Auto Plant. The U.S. senator toured the facility during his legislative break from Washington. (PHOTO | HONDA)

“We have manufacturers that have jobs open and need workers to fill the positions,” the Terrace Park Republican said during a brief interview at the plant. “Here at East Liberty they have a real need for equipment service technicians. We need to provide training or retraining to Ohioans so they can fill these jobs.

“If we don’t figure this out, the jobs might not be in Ohio or in America.”

Sen. Portman has spent time during the current Washington legislative break touring manufacturing operations in Ohio, including automotive plants.

He is co-chair of the Senate Auto Caucus and he is very aware of the industry’s importance to the state and the nation.

“It’s good to see what I believe is the best of the best,” he said about Ohio’s automotive plants. “They’re all making significant investments to improve production and quality.”

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