Man pleads guilty to injuring infant daughter



A young father admitted this week in Logan County Common Pleas Court to injuring his infant child.

Steven Cummins, 20, of Huntsville, pleaded guilty to child endangering.He was charged in May after staff at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus reported  suspicious injuries sustained by the defendant’s then two-month old daughter.

Family members initially transported the child to Mary Rutan Hospital before a Robinaugh squad took her to Nationwide Children’s.A Logan County grand jury in June indicted the defendant on three charges of felonious assault, second-degree felonies.He will be sentenced Sept. 15 following a presentence investigation.

Man pleads to stealing guns, selling fake drugs

A Hardin County man pleaded guilty Monday to stealing a firearm from a former employer and to attempting to sell fake cocaine.

Johnny C. Davis, 39, of Roundhead, pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property and trafficking in a counterfeit controlled substance.

The defendant stole a .22-caliber pistol and a muzzleloader rifle from a closet at the Indian Lake Boater’s Association building, 12526 N. State Route 235, Lakeview.  

That incident occurred in early December 2013.

In February, the defendant was the subject of an undercover drug buy coordinated by the Logan County Joint Drug Task Force in the parking lot of the apartment complex at 400 Lincoln Boulevard in Russells Point.

An undercover informant was provided $50 and was sold purported cocaine by the defendant who said the product was “powdery, but with some chunks,” according to an audio recording of the transaction.

The substance, however, tested negative for drugs.

He will be sentenced Sept. 15.

Also pleading guilty were:Pamela Wood, 58, of Quincy: possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs; and April Miller, 29 of Marysville: forgery. Presentence investigations were ordered and those defendants will be sentenced Sept. 15.

Defendant ordered to prison



The judge exceeded attorneys’ recommended sentence Monday, ordering a defendant to prison on a drug-related charge.

Gene Brown, 26, of Russells Point, was sentenced to 11 months in prison, and ordered to pay court costs and undergo a one-year driver’s license suspension for possession of drugs.

A plea agreement had recommended for the defendant 12 months in the Logan County Jail, with credit for 81 days of jail credit.

Issuing the prison sanction, the judge cited the defendant’s previous history of felony convictions and unsuccessful stints on community control.

He had trafficking in drugs convictions in 2007 and 2009, and has failed out of the West Central Community Based Correctional Facility, the judge noted. 

Also sentenced were:

• David Niswonger, age 20 of Bellefontaine, 60 days in the Logan County Jail, five years’ community control, 240 hours of community service and ordered to pay a $250 fine and court costs for conspiracy to commit robbery;

• Charles Colvin, 53 of Bellefontaine: 60 days in the Logan County Jail, five  years’ community control, a six month driver’s license suspension and ordered to pay attorney fees and court costs for complicity to trafficking in drugs;

• Brandon Bowman, 18, of Ft. Wayne, Ind.: 30 days in the Logan County Jail, five  years’ community control and ordered to pay a $250 fine, attorney fees and court costs for theft;

• Kelly Porter, 29, of Lakeview: five years’ community control, family treatment court, probation incentive program and ordered to pay restitution, court costs and attorney fees for theft and deception to obtain a dangerous drug; and

• Heather Martindell, 29 of Bellefontaine: three years’ community control and ordered to pay restitution, attorney fees and court costs for passing bad checks and theft.