Defendant sentenced to five years in prison, is publicly shamed by his mother

Orsborne Dustin


The mother of a man sentenced Monday in Logan County Common Pleas Court to a multi-year prison term told Judge Mark S. O’Connor that drugs have ruined the relationship with her son and that she no longer feels a connection to him.

That was just before Dustin Orsborne, 34, at large, was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay restitution in excess of $12,000 and court costs for two counts of burglary, third-degree felonies, and receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony. A vehicle was also forfeited as part of the sentence.

The defendant pleaded guilty July 7 to burglarizing his mother’s residence, Gloria Hilterbrand, on County Road 11 in rural DeGraff, and the residence of a close family friend, Tony L. Ganson, also on C.R. 11. Those crimes occurred in early in 2013.

Both victims spoke to the court Monday.

Mrs. Hilterbrand was emotional as she spoke of her son’s drug problem and the pain that addiction has caused the family. She referred to the defendant as a “grand manipulator,” and went on to assert he’s betrayed his family and abandon children.

The defendant was ordered to pay back $1,580.67 he stole from his Mom. He’ll also have to pay back a total of $11,411.18 to family friend, Tony Ganson.

Mr. Ganson spoke to the court of the expensive family heirlooms and family photos his family will never see again because of what the defendant did. Mr. Ganson said he’s known the defendant for over 30 years, that the defendant grew up with Mr. Ganson’s son and that he coached Mr. Orsborne at different levels of baseball as a youth.

The defendant is currently imprisoned in the North Central Correctional Institution on fourth- and fifth-degree felonies out of Miami and Shelby counties for charges related to conspiring to take items that didn’t belong to him.

Mr. Orsborne claimed in court Monday he’d turned his life around, saying specifically that he’s accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

He said he hoped his mother and Mr. Ganson would eventually forgive him despite the, “horrific act of deceit that’s come between us.” The defendant went on to say he’s grateful to be held accountable for his actions.

Mr. Osborne used the word “evil” three time to describe his drug addiction. Sober, he’s a totally different person, he said.

This sentence will run at the same time as is current prison term, which expires on Jan. 28, 2015. Accounting for time served, he’ll be due to be released around December, 2019.