Flag from Japan presented to city

After a trip filled with long-distance friendships and broken English, the International Friendship Center had a final gathering Sunday night at the First United Presbyterian Church.


The flag of Suzuka, Japan, was presented Sunday night at the First United Presbyterian Church by Abbi Adelsberger, left, a student of Bellefontaine City Schools, and Nicole Taylor, a student of West Liberty Salem, to James Holycross, city service-safety director, left, and David Henry, president of Bellefontaine City Council. (EXAMINER PHOTO | HALEY COOPER)

Noriko Suematsu, the mayor of Suzuka, Japan, had written an official letter filled with good wishes to be delivered by the local delegation to Bellefontaine’s Mayor Adam Brannon, who accepted the letter as he recalled the day he spent in Suzuka three years ago.

Mrs. Suematsu also sent back their own Suzuka flag, which was presented to David Henry, president of Bellefontaine City Council, and James Holycross, Bellefontaine service-safety director. On a previous trip, the city officials had presented the flag of Bellefontaine to Suzuka’s City Hall.

“The letter and flag were to commemorate the friendship pact we made together in 1991,” said Vicci Elder, director of the International Friendship Center. “Their City Hall also had a welcoming ceremony and paid for half of our kids’ tuition to come.”


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