Gov. Kasich speaks at historic Canby building

Ohio Gov. John Kasich made his pitch to local constituents Friday with a campaign stop at the historic Canby building, 144 S. Main St.



Gov. John Kasich spoke to more than 100 supporters Friday during a campaign stop at the Canby Building in downtown Bellefontaine. (EXAMINER PHOTOS JOEL E. MAST)


It’s an appeal that includes a budget surplus, growth in excess of 260,000 jobs since he assumed office and development in industries such as information technology, energy and financial services, the governor told local supporters.

Work remains, however, Mr. Kasich said, adding that there’s lots of room for expansion in our state.

“There’s a disconnect between the number of available jobs and the number of people qualified to fill them,” the governor said. “When you consider the diversity of our workforce and how many people are still unemployed, there’s potential for growth.”

The governor called the goal of a trained and educated workforce a, “moral purpose,” adding it’s the, “most important mission we have.”

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