Lima’s mystery woman identified

LIMA — A photo taken by The Lima News that ran in Florida media reports led to the identity of a woman Allen County Sheriff’s detectives had spent hundreds of hours tracking, Sheriff Sam Crish said Thursday.


Allen County authorities believe they have identified the woman in the photographs above as Ann Marie Miller, 40, who is facing felony charges in Colorado. Miller had gone to great lengths to conceal her identity from law enforcement, including burning her fingertips so prints could not be obtained. 

The mystery woman was identified Thursday evening as Ann Marie Miller, a 40-year-old disbarred attorney from Virginia who has felony charges pending in that state and Colorado, Crish said.

The woman has not confirmed she is Miller, but Crish said detectives are nearly 100 percent sure of the matter. They pulled pictures and other records on Miller, and those pictures seem to match.

Detectives were investigating her for the past month after she presented false information to obtain a state identification card here. Detectives arrested her and charged her with tampering with records, a third-degree felony in Allen County.

She has been living in Lima since earlier this year. She refused to give her real name and claimed she had never held a job or ever attended school. She also gave detectives numerous pieces of false information, sending them on wild chases.

It wasn’t until detectives traced her to Florida that they caught a break. Miller served as a caregiver for an elderly man there before moving to Ohio to serve as a caregiver for a 95-year-old woman.

Late Thursday afternoon, a viewer in Florida recognized a photograph and contacted Det. Mark Baker with Miller’s name. Detectives ran a criminal background check to determine the mystery woman was in all likelihood Miller.

Authorities now must contact agencies across the country to determine if she is wanted anywhere else. Then they will complete the Ohio case which could send Miller to prison for three years.

After that, Colorado officials want her for prosecution. A background check by the sheriff’s office listed her charged with burglary, two counts of possession of burglary tools, trespassing, criminal mischief and a felony marijuana cultivation charge, Crish said.

In Virginia, she is charged with a tampering with a vehicle identification number, a felony; burglary and assault, disorderly conduct, threatening language over a public airway and stalking. Some of the Virginia charges are connected to a love triangle. A male attorney she was involved with left her for a paralegal in their office, which set Miller off, Crish said.

Police suspect additional crimes given the steps she’s taken to conceal her identity, including burning her fingertips. She also ran numerous searches on her personal computer about police interrogation techniques and how to conceal her identity.